About us - EUCOS SK Ltd.

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Since the establishment of the company EUCOS SK Ltd. in 2006, we have focused our activities mainly on the industry. The main activity was the reconstruction and renovation of industrial buildings. Gradually, we managed to gain experience from the metallurgical, energy, and engineering industry, which are very valuable in terms of implementation for this area of construction. We have experience with the production and assembly of steel constructions not only in Slovakia but also abroad (Spain, France, Turkey, Romania, and Germany).
Progress and quality are our keys to success

We pay attention to the highest quality of our services and products. We are constantly improving our production processes and the qualifications of our employees. We constantly participate in professional seminars, presentations, and trainings. To improve our work and services, we have also expanded our infrastructure and fleet.
Modern technical equipment

Our investments lead to high-quality and modern machines, operated by highly qualified employees, guarantee the satisfaction of even the most demanding customer.
The company consists of departments necessary for the implementation and realization of work in terms of the company's portfolio:
  • construction production
  • production of steel constructions
  • logistics and transport
  • finance department
  • preparation and budget planning
  • accounting department
  • safety and quality
  • company management

The goal of the company EUCOS SK Ltd. is to present itself as a leader in the construction industry and provide cost-effective and quality products and services to ensure competitiveness. We constantly strive to expand our business in the main areas of our activity, including the implementation of industrial buildings, production, and assembly of steel constructions, industrial design, application of coating systems, remediation of concrete structures, diamond and core drilling, repair flat roofs and constructions, cladding halls and buildings, work at height, earthworks and special cleaning work.
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